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Colocation Services Internet Fiber

#1 Colocation Services


Welcome to #1 Colocation Services!

Your source for high quality colocation services at great wholesale prices.  Fill out the form below to get a colocation quote on your colocation service needs. 

State-of-the-Art Colocation Services

Founded in 1994, when the Internet and the World Wide Web was just starting to take off, #1 Colocation Services became Colocation Service Facilityone of the first Business Technical Service Providers (TSP). Today, #1 Colocation Services is the premier Colocation and Internet Backbone Service Provider, specializing in technical web server hosting, dedicated servers, carrier neutral ipv6 / ipv4 colocation and direct leased line Internet connections. We provide direct Internet connections ranging from fractional to full T1s and T3s, all the way up to OC192, WDM, 10GigE (10,000 Mbps) and 100 Gig-E (100,000 Mbps). Offering colocation service with immediate availability, we can often have you set-up in one of our facilities the same day you order service. Click on "Get Colocation Service Quote"  to get pricing on the colocation services you need.

Colocation Services That Give You Confidence:

Fast Internet ConnectivityColocation Services Network
Colocate servers, voice, or network equipment at one of #1 Colocation Services' high speed Internet data centers or our colocation facilities and have your equipment connected to our multiple fully redundant fiber optic 10,000 Mbps connections and enjoy the benefits of true high speed Internet throughput.

Reliable Colocation Services

We built our Internet network from the ground up with fully redundant self-healing fiber optic links. We always keep plenty of reserve Internet bandwidth ensuring reliable colocation service. Our standard of keeping our Internet bandwidth utilization below 30% gives our customers consistent, reliable, fast service.

Colocation Service Features:

  • 52 Different State-of-the-Art Class A Colocation Facilities to Choose From
  • High Performance Switched 1.5 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps,1000 Mbps, 10,000 Mbps, and 100,000 Mbps Internet Port Plans
  • Reliable High Speed Internet Bandwidth at Great Rates - Available in Usage Based Billing, Full Flat Rate (Unlimited Usage), or Capped Plans
  • 24 Hour On-Site Staffed Network Operation Center - Monitoring Internet Network Connections and Support
  • 24 Hour / 365 Day Secure Full Customer Colocation Facility Access
  • Avoid Expensive High Bandwidth Leased Lines
  • Additional Internet Bandwidth Available As Needed
  • Simple Migration Path to 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps, 10,000 Mbps, and 100,000 Mbps Internet Service as Your Needs Grow
  • Full Colocation Facility 24 / 365 UPS and Prime Source Generator Backed Power to Protect In Any Power Emergency
  • Secure Facility with Digital Surveillance Cameras, Individually Locked Cabinets, Key Card Access & Full Security
  • Climate Controlled Environment With Redundant A/C Systems in Every Colocation Suite
  • Individually Locked Secure Cabinets as a Standard - Cages and Racks and Suites Are Also Available
  • MRTG Stats Page Included With Each Colocation Service Plan to Keep Track of Internet Bandwidth Usage
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Colocation Service Included on Same Internet Port

All basic colocation services are included in our plans - no per server charges, no charges for ip addresses, no charges for standard power, no extra charges for remote hands service.

Colocation customers can enjoy the freedom to choose from any of our 52 colocation facilities in major metro areas throughout the U.S. and the world. We have colocation services available in Fremont CA, San Jose CA, Palo Alto CA, Ashburn VA, New York NY, Mineola NY, Chicago IL, Seattle WA, Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, Washington DC, Frankfurt Germany, Amsterdam NL, Prague Czech Republic, Paris France, and London UK.

Contact #1 Colocation Services and our affiliated support team to set up your colocation services or Click here to get a colocation service quote.

San Jose Colocation Facility servicing US and International customers with Data Center in Northern California Region: South Bay - San Jose, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley

Fremont Colocation Facility servicing US and International customers with Data Center in Northern California Region: San Francisco, East Bay - Fremont, Hayward, Union City, Milpitas, Oakland

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 Hot Colocation Deals!
Wholesale prices on high quality colocation services direct to the public.

Colocation Services


- Full 42u Cabinet w/Power - as low as $500/mo.!    Get Quote


- 7u w/ 100Mbps Internet Bandwidth  Starting Only $200/mo.!
Get Quote


- 100Mbps Internet Bandwidth as low as $1 /Mbps!   
Get Quote


- 1,000Mbps GigE Internet Bandwidth as low as
40 Cents /Mbps = only $400/mo.! 
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- 10,000Mbps 10GigE Internet Bandwidth Plans Way Below Market Rates!
  Get Colocation Service Quote  Internet Bandwidth Quote
  Get Colocation Service Quote  Colocation Quote

 Request Your Quote!
You can easily request your colocation services quote by clicking this link and filling out the quote request form below.  We offer premium Tier 1 Internet bandwidth in all the best Premium Class A Colocation Facilities at low wholesale prices.  New colocation service customers setup worldwide daily.


 Worldwide Facilities!
We can set up colocation services in any of our 21 regional colocation facilities to speed up the network time to connect to your customers.  We also offer fast turnaround on custom colocation service plans setup to your needs.


 Custom Packages!
We can custom build colocation service plans and dedicated servers to your specifications with a very fast turnaround.  Whether your need is for 1Mbps or 20,000Mbps Internet bandwidth, 1u or 100 Cabinets colocation space, 1Amp of power or 10,000Amps - we can help.  Most new colocation service and dedicated server plans can be setup in just days.


 Great 24/7 Support!
Our experienced team of Internet network engineers and colocation specialists are here to assist you with both excellent presale support and after-sale support.  Give us a call and we will help you select the services that meets your needs.


 Large Network
Because we both own the OC192 Internet network with colocation facilities and wholesale broker for other large colocation data centers you can rely on us as your one-stop source for high quality colocation services at wholesale prices.  Because of this we offer one of the largest variety of colocation services and options.  Click to order today!



Our San Jose Colocation Facility

  Our San Jose, CA Colocation Facility


Multiple partial or full, cabinet or cage plans. in Fremont

Our 42,000 Sq. Ft. Fremont, CA Colocation Facility


Power distribution units provide smooth clean power.

Our PDU's Provide Conditioned Power


NYC Telehouse 85 10th Ave New York Colocation

85 10th Ave. NYC Colocation Facility


Setting up Colocation Services is as easy as
1, 2, 3.

1. Call or email us with any colocation services questions and to order.

or use our
contact form

2. We Accept Major Credit Cards, Check, or Wire Transfer.
Order your colocation service, dedicated server, or dedicated broadband leased line internet service with VISA, Master Card, American Express, etc., Today!

3. You can drop off or ship your servers to the colocation facility. We'll set up your colocation services for you asap.

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